How do I create a Team?

Gene Gurkoff -

It's simple to create a team!

Start by logging into Charity Miles and selecting the menu button in the top left-hand corner of the page.

When you do this, you'll notice a drop-down menu appears. Select Teams.

When you're on the Teams page, you'll see a search bar in the middle of the page. Since you haven't created a team yet, simply enter a team name as either a hashtag (i.e., #TeamName) or handle (i.e., @TeamName). The difference between a #TeamName and a @TeamName is that we may eventually allow the owner of the @TeamName Twitter handle to administer their @TeamName team. (We're working on some ideas there.)

Once you create your team, you'll need to invite all your friends, family, colleagues and/or strangers to join! Since we currently don't have a native invite feature on Charity Miles, you would need to invite others outside the app. Meaning, sending text messages, emails, Facebook messages or an old school phone call will suffice. Lastly, be sure to share the correct spelling with your future teammates!

We're working right now on improving our Teams Feature so that team members can better coordinate and communicate with each other. You'll be hearing more on that soon! In the meantime, we'd love to hear if you have any ideas for how to make Teams better.

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    terri keeney

    there is no menu button or drop down menu


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