What are Teams?

Gene Gurkoff -

Teams are a fun, easy way for groups of people to build community, motivate each other and see the collective impact they have together. Anyone can create a team, and you can be on as many teams as you want.

You can see the collective number of miles a team has accomplished together, as well as a Leaderboard of the top 25 members on the team.

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    Rob Y

    This article was posted in 2015 and you have yet to add features to make your app more engaging? I will only use your app for short distances because every long distance ride I have done (100 miles or more) did not record because it drains my phone battery. Why do you not have your app integrated with apps like Garmin and Strava? Why can't team members interact with one another? Why have you not updated your app in 2 years? Why do you not answer emails, posts and comments? There is so much potential with this app and it's idea to earn for charity and yet it is wasted! 

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