How do we measure distance?

Gene Gurkoff -

We use your phone's GPS and motion sensors to detect your motion and measure your distance. For the Outdoor Walk/Run & Bike mode, we use your phone's GPS, which is usually most accurate in measuring your activity's distance.

For the Indoor Walk/Run, we use your phone's accelerometer or other motion sensors (which may be more or less sensitive) to register your activity like a pedometer and approximate your distance. (This is slightly less accurate.)

We do our best with working with each phone's sensors and we use the same technology that other walk/run/bike tracking app uses. In most cases, we find ours is just as (or even more accurate) than others. But in some instances (i.e., where there is a poor GPS signal, or your phone's motion sensors are more/less sensitive), we may be less accurate.

If you experience consistent and large discrepant inaccuracies, please let us know so that we can fix this. Feedback from our Members are very helpful for us to improve your experience with Charity Miles! To get in touch with us, simply submit a ticket or email us at 

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    James Eberly

    I use an iPod shuffle for music when I run, or no device at all.  I don't like to take my phone on long runs or trail runs.  Is there a way to manually log miles or to use my Garmin GPS watch to verify distances instead of my phone?

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    Hi, my name is Jennifer Marsh. I think this app is great and want to create a team but i first wanted to try the app out before i get my friends involved. Today using the Charity Miles app.thorugh my i phone.( I do not have the i phone watch which tracts miles.) I was indoor working out and I walked for 5 miles on the treadmill. the app only showed i ran less then 1 mile. how does this work when your indoors? is there any other device i should be using. Looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you Jennifer Marsh

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    Linda Johnson

    i do not own a smartphone and my tablet is too heavy to carry.  Is there any way to download Fitbit or Garmin miles from a tracking device? They do not have GPS, just calculate at 1mi/2000steps.

    thank you

    Linda Johnson

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    Jasmine Avila

    How do I log my miles if I'm going be using my fitbit to calculate it? I exercise on my treadmill and just use my phone for music and I don't have it on me.

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    Donna Brinegar

    I was wondering how I can sync my Fitbit with the charity miles. Let me know when you get a chance.




    Donna Brinegar

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    Awesome concept!  Please find a way to integrate with the fitness trackers like Garmin Connect and Fitbit.  So much better if you can capture steps from wrist based trackers. Your overall participation and charitable contributions would skyrocket to the point you'd need more sponsors to put up more money.

    Also, by requiring your phone, the battery gets further depleted by yet another app.  Check out how Higi integrates with trackers.  This is their dashboard:

    ***BK logged an activity--6.1 miles by foot using Garmin


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    Janet Moore

    I would use this app if you are integrated with fitbit.

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    Erin McIntyre

    How much does my Charity get for each mile I run/walk? I've gotten conflicting info. Thsnks

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    Whether I'm moving or not, my charity miles app on my phone keeps counting the miles as if it's a timer unless I hit Finish. How do I correct mileage that has been over-reported?

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    Christopher Young

    I'm one of those crazy marathon runners and will certainly rack up the miles as I train for and complete several 1/2 and full marathons this fall.  The only problem is that I DO NOT run with my phone.  I have a Garmin GPS watch that tracks all my runs and miles (probably more accurate than my phone too).  Please find a way to sync or link up with Garmin Connect or Strava.  Thank you.

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