How do you choose your Charity Partners?

Gene Gurkoff -

We strive to offer our Members a diverse selection of world-class charities creating real impact and tackling an array of issues. When selecting charities to partner with, we consider several criteria in our evaluation:

  1. Is the charity leading its field with cutting-edge, high-impact work?
  2. Will a lot of our members walk, run and bike for it?
  3. Does the charity represent a cause that is already represented in Charity Miles?
  4. Does the charity help us attract sponsors that will make our sponsorship pie bigger for everyone?

Note: we do NOT consider ratings on Charity Navigator, Guidestar or other rating agencies whose sole criteria for evaluating charities is overhead ratios. We do not think this is the most effective way to evaluate a charity's impact. For more on this, we recommend you check out Dan Pallotta's book "Uncharitable" or watch this powerful Ted Talk.

We want our legacy to be that we made a big impact, not that we kept the overhead low!

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