Can't share on Twitter

Gene Gurkoff -

The root of this problem depends on the smartphone you're using, version of Charity Miles downloaded to your phone and if you've allowed permission for Charity Miles to share to your twitter account. 

For iPhones, you can enable Charity Miles to post to your twitter page by first downloading the mobile twitter app to your phone. Next, log into your account via your iPhone's Settings. You can do this by:

  1. Selecting Settings
  2. Scrolling down to and selecting Twitter
  3. Entering your User Name and Password
  4. Finally, select Sign In

For Android phones, similar to iPhones, downloading the Twitter app to your phone should do the trick! Once you've downloaded the Twitter app, you should be able to share your finished Charity Miles Activities to your Twitter account.

If you find you're still experiencing troubles with sharing to Twitter, please do let us know. Submitting a ticket here in the app or emailing us at is the best ways to reach us.  

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    Tom Oswald

    IOS 11 removed twitter and facebook integration, so you can no longer use those features in CharityMiles.

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    replying to ^ well that's lame! i don't use twitter much but with charity miles i was able to keep track of my workout/miles

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