Inaccurate outdoor miles

Gene Gurkoff -

There are times when the Outdoor Walk/Run & Bike mode on Charity Miles is inaccurate. Reasons for this are a poor GPS signal, the app glitching or a bug. 

The best remedy to this issue is first making sure you've allowed permissions for Charity Miles to use your phone's Location Services. If you're using an iPhone, make sure to allow Location Access "Always" so that Charity Miles can track your distance while running in the background or when your iPhone is in Sleep Mode. 

For Android, make sure that you allow permission for Charity Miles to use the Location services on your device. 

Not allowing Charity Miles to use your phone's Location Services results in the Outdoor Walk/Run & Bike mode to not work. 

If you find you're continually experiencing this problem after, please do let us know. Submitting a ticket here in the app or emailing us at are the best ways to reach us. 

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    Hi I did a run on 09/24/17.
    Outdoor i did not get e mail notification nor did it post on my profile. Is there anyway those miles can be added? 3.14 miles I did .

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    Doesn't seem to work with Android O (8.0)

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