How do I join a Team?

Gene Gurkoff -

Very simple!

Once you're logged into Charity Miles, tap the Menu Button (top left corner of charity selector page) > Select Teams. In the search bar that says "Find/Create Teams" enter the team name you would like to join. Be sure the spelling is correct and mirrors how the team name is spelled you're joining. 

Lastly, after you type in the team name you want to join, tap the Join team button at the top of the team page. 

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    Gene Gurkoff

    Very simple!

    Go to the Menu > Teams. In the box that says "Find/Create Teams" enter a team name as either a hashtag (i.e., #TeamName) or handle (i.e., @TeamName).

    The only difference between a #TeamName and a @TeamName is that we may eventually allow the owner of the @TeamName Twitter handle to administer their @TeamName team. (We're working on some ideas there.)

    #TeamName pages are unadministered and open to anyone.

    If the #TeamName or @TeamName does not yet exist, then there will be a button to create the team. You'll be the first member on it, and you can invite your friends to join it. If the team already exists then you can join it!

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    The team I want to join does not come up. I am trying to join Fit2B. They person that created it always spells it this way. Where is it?

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