Where does the money come from?

Gene Gurkoff -

There are four ways to turn your miles into money for charity.


1.  Charity agnostic sponsors that sponsor Charity Miles.  These are companies that are advertising in Charity Miles because they want to repurpose their marketing budgets for good by connecting with our members.  While our sponsors are generous, they do not have unlimited budgets.  The terms of each sponsor's sponsorship will vary depending on the sponsor.

2.  Charity specific sponsors.  Charities can have their own sponsors in Charity Miles.  Not every charity has this, but we encourage it and try to help each charity get their own sponsors.  The terms of each charity's own sponsorships will vary depending on the charity and the sponsor.

3.  Employee Empowerment Program.  Our Employee Empowerment Program is an easy way for companies to create private teams to sponsor their employees' miles.  The terms of each company's sponsorships will vary depending on the company.

4.  Peer to Peer Fundraising.  By sharing your Charity Miles sponsorship page via email, SMS, social media or otherwise, you can get sponsored by your friends and family.  

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    Hello I am interested in getting my charity added.  Looking for additional information such as:

    How is the money dispersed to the charity?

    1. When is it dispersed?
    2. What formula (per mile?) calculation is used for dispersal?
    3. Can we tell how much YTD has been donated by charity?

    Thank you! 


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    Michael Bell

    Have Parkinson but still moving because if your moving your Not dead!

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